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TSS: The Total Store Solution

Introducing the Total Store Solution, or TSS, from Summit Retail Technology, Inc.  In today’s highly competitive pharmacy industry, merchants require advanced and easy to use technology in order to effectively manage a store and to remain competitive for consumers’ dollars.

TSS is a complete software and hardware solution for the modern pharmacy.  Unlike competing systems that consist of crudely assembled software components, TSS is a well-designed and tightly integrated suite of software modules that reliably and consistently manage the complete store operation.  TSS is well suited both to independently owned retail stores and to large chains comprised of hundreds of store locations.  If you have a chain of pharmacies, we have a suite of central office management applications which enable you to manage and monitor all of your pharmacies from one location.

All of the following is included with the TSS system:

·    A state of the art Touch Screen Point of Sale System, which encompasses all the features expected by retail customers.

·    An accurate and easy-to-use Automatic Ordering System, which generates OTC product orders on specified days of the week and keeps the store at the optimum in stock level.

·    Fully integrated credit card, debit card and prepaid gift card processing using high-speed internet-based transaction authorizations.

·    A sophisticated Accounts Receivable Module for smoothly handling customer charges and the production of account statements.

·    Electronic signature capture functionality, fully integrated with credit card transactions, charge account purchases and prescription signings.  The signature capture device also serves as a credit card reader and a debit card PIN pad.  Furthermore, the customer can view an electronic copy of the sales receipt on the signature capture device screen while the cashier is scanning the purchased items.

·    Integration with several Pharmacy Systems, providing speed and convenience along with accurate margin reporting for prescription sales.

·    A highly advanced Cash Office Management System, which tracks and reports all cashier activity and completely handles the financial business of the store.  The system includes fraud detection audit reports which help you identify cash operation problems.

·    An advanced Item File Maintenance Module, enabling merchants to quickly and accurately enter item information and maintain product costs and retails.

·    A powerful RF-Gun based Inventory and Perpetual Management System, capable of efficiently handling all non-sales aspects of store perpetual management in real time.

·    Powerful host file processing, which facilitates both the processing of inbound item information files as well as the production of outbound item movement and perpetual history data exports.

·    A backup store controller, which takes over the operation of the store system in the event of a hardware malfunction with the primary controller.

·    Internet-based communications system, which provides high speed and reliability.  No slow dialup modems are required.